Set Your Home Apart in a Flooded Market With an Inexpensive Garden

If you're about to sell your home then it's likely you've realized it's a buyers market at the moment. With the amount of foreclosures and credit problems, less and less people are able to purchase. What this means for those, such as yourself, who are attempting to sell their property is that you have to do more and more to get buyers in the door. For this post, Countywide Title has some tips on how to set your home apart with a small and inexpensive garden.

Keep It Clean

The best advice we can give when utilizing a garden to increase your home's appeal is to keep it clean. Don't go overboard and buy too many plants that clutter up your front lawn. Look for a few plants that provide a large amount of greenery and place them strategically to give the appearance of a filled garden. Not only will this help to keep your costs down, buyers will see minimal ongoing maintenance, furthering their interest in your home.

Keep It Bright

Just because your home isn't a bright color doesn't mean that your garden can't be. Choose colors that suit the colors of your home, but always keep them bright. Plants that flower yellow are the most appealing to home buyers as they give off an immediate fresh vibe. Additionally, make sure not to get plants with too many leaves, as this can detract from the burst of color you're trying to achieve.

Keep It Well Lit

If you're showing your home at night then correct lighting is the best way to go. Use only a few and be sure to light only the areas which look the best, and detract from those that don't. If you have an old water feature, working or not, in your garden then the right lighting can make it appear more grand that it actually is.

Title Insurance in Plainview

With a simple and inexpensive garden you can attract many more buyers than you imagine, both from photos and from buyers traveling past. To provide further appeal, speak with Countywide Title at (806) 293-8363 and learn how your buyers are likely going to need a title search and Title Insurance in Plainview. With most buyers using a mortgage to purchase their dream home, your home, lenders require the level of security that title insurance in Plainview provides.


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