How to Set the Correct Price for Your Home

Whether you choose to sell your property independently or with the services of a realtor, the ultimate decision when determining the asking price for your home is you.  For this post, Countywide Title has two ways to help you when choosing the asking price for your home.

What Is Your Competition Like?

This is going to be one of the biggest considerations when choosing the asking price for your home, and rightfully so - similar properties in surrounding areas are your direct competition.
  • Take some time to inspect these properties during any open-house events and find out exactly how the price was set. Look carefully for any additional offerings such as in-built kitchen or laundry appliances.
  • Alongside the direct offering of a property, the land on which it sits is equally as important to the asking price. Look closely at any irrigation that your competition uses or gardening sheds that are included. While they may seem like only small additions, compare them to your property, as it all adds up quickly.

Learn From the Data

Take advantage of the data offered by various real estate website services to obtain raw data and spend some time with it.
  • Look for any patterns in the rise and fall of prices year over year. If you notice that homes in your area sell higher at a particular time of the year, it may be worth withholding your listing until the time is statistically right.

Title Insurance in Plainview

Now that you have set the price for your home, potential buyers are going to require assurance of its ownership in order to satisfy their own purchasing requirements. Speak with Countywide Title on (806) 293-8363 to organize a thorough title search, ready for when your buyers purchase their title insurance in Plainview


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