Prepare Your Home for an Open House ;This Winter

Selling your home during the winter months can be tricky but not impossible. To attract the right attention from potential buyers, use these tips to make your home a great winter escape.

Warm up Your Home

If you're hosting an open house, you want to be sure potential buyers are comfortable in your home. The more comfortable they are, the longer they will stay and really get a feel for the property. To help them stay warm in your home, turn on your heater, but avoid turning it up too high. To ensure your heater will work during these crucial moments, get it inspected and serviced. Not only will it work, it will also work more efficiently, something potential buyers will love.

Start a Fire

Homes with fireplaces can really impress potential buyers during the winter months. If you have a fire going during an open house, it can help your home feel more warm, cozy, and inviting. Before lighting a fire, be sure your fireplace is ready for use. This means you will have to clean it out and remove any buildup that can potentially be a fire hazard. Keep in mind that a clean fireplace will also be more appealing to potential buyers, so always clean up leftover ashes and smoke stains.

Spruce up Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can be tricky in the winter because the weather doesn't necessarily lead to a green lawn and a blooming flower garden. Even so, don't let your yard get out of control. Do your best to maintain a healthy looking lawn and keep things trim. This will help your yard look tidy even when the weather is at its worst. Trim tree branches that hang over your home and driveways in order to prevent disasters during heavy storms.

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