How to Increase Your Home's Value Before Putting It on the Market

If you're getting ready to put your home on the market, stop! Your home may not be ready just yet. These tips from Countywide Title can help you make some minor fixes to your home that can significantly increase its sale value.



Curb Appeal Tips to Help Sell Your Home This Spring

Selling your home during spring is a great choice, but you still have to impress potential buyers in order to make the best sale. To get buyers hooked on your home, make the best first impression by stepping up your curb appeal. Use these tips...

Top Reasons Why Your Home Is Still on the Market

Selling your home is no easy feat. If you've listed your home on the market but aren't getting any interest from buyers, there are a few things that you may be able to improve to get the interest your home deserves. Below are some of the top...

Pay Attention to These Things During an Open House

Before heading to another open house and walking around aimlessly, know what to look out for in the home. To help you get a better feel for the home, check out these tips to make your next open house a success.

Look out for Mold

Mold is never a...

Common Title Insurance Questions

If you're looking to purchase a new home, title insurance will eventually come up in your search. Many first time home buyers have never heard of this type of insurance and really don't know what it is. To help you understand it better, below are some common...

How You Can Win a Bidding War

Looking for a new home may have seemed stressful enough, but hearing the words bidding war can make it even more daunting. Luckily, not all home sales end in a bidding war. What's even better is that a bidding war isn't as scary as it sounds. To help you have a...

How to Host the Best Open House

Hosting an open house can be a great option for home sellers who don't have much time for individual home showings. They allow you to show your home to multiple interested buyers at once so that you don't have to take time out of your busy schedule. To host the...

Prepare Your Home for an Open House ;This Winter

Selling your home during the winter months can be tricky but not impossible. To attract the right attention from potential buyers, use these tips to make your home a great winter escape.

Warm up Your Home

If you're hosting an open house, you want to...

Reasons Why You're Having Trouble Selling Your Home

Selling a home is no easy feat, so it's no wonder some sellers have a hard time attracting the right attention from potential buyers. If your home has been for sale for a while now but there aren't many buyers who are interested in your...

The Pros of Owning a Smaller Home

Bigger is always better, right? While it may be tempting to agree with this statement, we all know it's not always quite true. In fact, when it comes to owning a home, unless you need the space, bigger may mean a lot more work and money. If you're considering...


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