What Counts Towards a Home's Square Footage?

When you're buying a home, you may be looking long and hard at the square footage in each option. If you're wondering what's included in that final number, you're not alone. Below are some examples of areas that count and don't count towards a home's square footage.

Areas That Are Included in Square Footage

A home's square footage will be made up of areas in the home that can be lived in year-round. Basic areas included will be the kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallways, closets, and similar spaces. They should have a ceiling, complete flooring, walls, and be comfortable in the winter and summer, meaning heating and air conditioning should be available. Outdoor areas shouldn't be included.

Areas That Should Not Be Included in the Square Footage of a Home

There are some areas of a home that sellers may want to include in the square footage but that shouldn't be in the total. For example, attics and basements usually won't be included unless they're finished, and finished properly. A seller can't just throw some carpet in a basement and call it a bedroom. The craftsmanship has to be just as good as in the home. Grey areas, like enclosed patios, will sometimes come down to a judgment call by the inspector in charge.

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