Important Things to Check on During a Final Walk-Through

Although you may not be required to attend a final walk-through, it's important that you do it anyway. Use this time to ensure that the house you will be getting is the one that was promised to you. Below are some important items you should test before finalizing the deal.

Test the Electricity

When you head into the home for the final walk-through, be sure to have your cellphone and charger on hand. This will come in handy when testing the electricity. When you walk into a room, be sure to plug your phone into every outlet to ensure they all work. Turn on all of the lights and any other accessories, such as ceiling fans, to be sure there are no wiring issues.

Check the Faucets

When you walk into the bathroom, don't be shy about testing the items in there. You'll want to turn on the faucets to test the water pressure and watch the drain to ensure it all drains quickly. Be sure to flush the toilets so that you're sure the plumbing is working properly. On top of this, turn on the shower and listen for any odd sounds coming from the pipes. If you notice any issues with the pipes, don't ignore this since this can lead to serious issues.

Take a Look at the Roof

Finally, don't forget to also inspect the exterior of the home. Take a close look at the roof and make sure it's in great shape. If you notice issues with the roof, be sure to bring these up because replacing it can be very pricey. While you're up there, check the gutters as well since you'll need to rely on these during storms.

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