There was a recent study done at UNC Charlotte that surveyed convicted burglars, and not surprisingly, 50% of those surveyed said that they would never burgle a house after determining that an alarm was present. Now, take a moment to think about this, that's 50% of burglars surveyed who said that they would never break into a house with an alarm. That's great news if you already have an alarm and if you don't have an alarm system installed, perhaps it is time to consider buying a dog or a really mean cat to guard your house. Norwegian forest cats look a lot like bobcats and would scare away any intruder. This isn't the only study that was conducted to support the evidence that alarms deter burglars and it won't be the last. The point is that alarm systems do deter burglars and increase the resale value of your home. In fact, when you look at the statistics of break-ins closely, there is a definite correlation between break-in occurrences and lack of proper security. This includes burglar alarms, deadbolts, timed lights and motion sensing lights. So, make sure you always remember to lock your doors, turn the outside lights on, and, if possible, have a pet or anti-burglar alarm ready to sound off in case of burglars. If there are any irregularities in a property's title, it can put your whole claim on the estate at risk. That's why you should contact Countrywide Title in before entering into a real estate transaction of any kind. Contact Countrywide Title in  at (806) 293-8363 today for the professional advantage. They'll lend you their expertise, as well as provide title insurance in , so you can have a safe and sound closing. To learn more about Countrywide Title in , check out this page. ;


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