When a homeowner prepares their home for sale, the last thing that they want to do is spend a lot of money improving it. And rightfully so. However, this often means that the front yard and garden go left untended. With the front garden providing the first impression for buyers, this post shares low-cost tips to improve your front garden and lawn before an open house.

Small Garden Ideas to Improve the Appeal of Your Home

More Is More

When it comes to creating an appealing garden space on a budget, more is more. Look for shrub-type plants and flowers which offer a large area of leaves and shrubbery. These work great to line the pathway to your door or even to surround a larger tree you may have in your front yard.

Color, Color, Color!

Speaking of color, you can't get enough of it when staging the garden of a home for an inspection. Look for cost-effective plants that offer bright colors which complement your home and its surroundings. Classics like sunflowers are a great choice as they are recognizable and bright.

Feature a Feature

Nothing says attention to detail in a garden as a feature. However, instead of installing costly irrigation for a water feature, or even a large statue, head to your local markets and pick up something antique-looking and give it a clean. Something as simple as a bird feeder, which you can turn into a tall flower stand is enough to show that effort has been made.

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