Home Buying Tips You're Better off Ignoring

Once you're ready to buy a home and are looking around for the perfect one, there will be tons of people ready to offer you their advice. While some of this advice may be great, you'll also get some questionable pieces of advice. Below are some of the recommendations you're better off ignoring.

Skip the Buyer's Agent

This may sound like a great way to save money, but it can actually lead to a longer and more frustrating home search. A buyer's agent can help you find your dream home faster while also helping you stay under budget. Since they tend to be well connected in the real estate world, they can even find homes that aren't yet listed, giving you a better chance at snagging them. Another great perk is the help they offer with legal documents and tricky steps, like putting in an offer and negotiating.

You Don't Need a Home Inspection

Skipping the home inspection may also sound like a great way to save money, but this can lead to serious issues. A home inspection will uncover any issues the home has, which can sometimes be serious and pricey to repair. By skipping the home inspection, you put yourself at risk of buying a home with serious issues that will end up costing you quite a bit to get fixed.

Buy the Biggest Home Possible

If you find a home that meets your budget and offers way more than you need, this can seem like a steal. In reality, if you buy a huge home with tons of extra space you have no need for, it can turn into a hassle. This is because you will still have to maintain and clean these extra parts of your home and garden, which can be tiring and even more expensive than you expected. Keep in mind that heating or cooling a large home with tons of extra space can also mean higher utility bills.

Purchase Title Insurance in Plainview, Texas

Once you're ready to close on a home, be sure title insurance in Plainview, TX is included in your deal. If you're not sure why title insurance is a must, contact the title insurance experts at Countywide Title at (806)293-8363.


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