Home Staging Tips to Follow

If you're putting your home on the market soon, you'll need to stage it to sell. You may come across many tips on doing this, but not all of them will work. Check out some basics below to get you started on the right track.

Clean It Up

Before you do anything, you want to be sure your home is spotless inside and out. When potential buyers visit your home, having it as clean as possible will make it look more striking and will give the impression that you kept up with maintenance through the years. They will feel like they won't have to worry about potential critters, issues with the system of the home, or general upkeep.

Take Care of the Details

You may be tempted to ignore some details in the home because they're small. However, to someone checking out your home as a potential investment, these little things can be huge. Do your best to eliminate issues like creaky floorboards, chipped paint, leaky faucets, and holes. Although these things may be small, they can deter potential buyers.

Stick to Neutrals

Finally, pick a neutral color palette for your home since this will be more inviting. Bold colors can make potential buyers run, but neutrals will allow them to see the house as a base they can build on once they move in. Use neutral tones on the walls, flooring, drapes, and any significant pieces.

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