Here at Countywide Title we are with you from contract to closing on your new home. However, before you can get to that new home, it’s often the case that you’ll need to sell an existing property. In order to sell your home and get what you deserve for the property, it is important that you make it attractive to potential buyers. As we have already talked about how to prepare your home for sale, today, we would like to get a bit more specific and share four ways you can Increase Buyer Interest in your property by making a few simple changes outdoors. ;

An often neglected portion of your home is the side yard, but don’t forget about it when you’re making plans to spruce up the house. Obviously you should ensure the grass is cut and ruley, but you may also consider adding plants or bushes to line the house, or a small fence to line the property. ;

Don’t forget to replace old hardware on the house. If the door knobs are looking a bit rusty, or the mailbox flag could use a facelift, make sure it happens. These are small and simple tasks that speak wonders to the care of the home. ;

If you’ve got a front porch in your home, or patio, be sure to spruce it up. You could add new porch furniture or just be sure that your existing furniture is clean and inviting. ;

Lastly, in order to frame the house well, you might consider replicating the style of the home, in plants. If you’ve got a more modern house to sell, you may choose to line the sidewalk with plants in an angular fashion. If your home is an older country style home, rounder plants with rustic planters may work better. ;

You know your property and you know the changes which need to be made. Don’t worry if you’re not able to complete everything and know that the right buyer will come along. Once you are ready to make the move on a new property for you and your family, don’t forget that your title insurance needs in Plainview should be taken care of by a professional. For a title search and/or title insurance, contact us at (806) 293-8363 to find out how Countywide Title can best assist you.


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