How to Make a Real Estate Video

Selling your home isn't quite what it used to be. In the past, some flyers and a for sale sign were enough to get your home noticed. Nowadays, it takes a bit more than that. For starters, instead of using images to advertise your home, why not create a real estate video? Below are some useful tips to get you started on your video tour.

Declutter Your Home

Before you start recording, you'll want to ensure your home looks its best. Start by cleaning and decluttering your home so that it looks tidy and inviting. If you're doing fixes to your home, these should be done before your video is shot. Finally, staging will be essential. Keep in mind that things can look different on camera, so ensure that the different spaces in your home look large and welcoming on camera.

Focus on Lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference on camera. Avoid making rooms look small and dark by getting your lighting right. For starters, open the blinds and let in some natural light. This tends to be warm which can brighten up a space. Turn on all the lights in every room and use warm-toned light bulbs to ensure your home doesn't look cold and uninviting. If needed, invest in a light kit to brighten up your space.

Don't Skip the Outdoors

Your home tour won't be complete without a look at the outdoor spaces. Tidy up both your front yard and backyard so that they're ready to be shown off. Clean, declutter, and repair any little issues you may come across.

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