How To Increase Interest In An Open House

An open house can be an invaluable activity when looking to sell your home. It is a way in which you can show off your home to as many potential buyers as possible, in just one day. But how can you make sure to get a lot of people through the door? In this article, Countywide Title would like to share our guide to generating interest in your open house.

Online Advertising

When considering buying a home, the first thing most people do is to look online. Talk to your real estate agent about their online resources, and make sure that the details of your open house include a number of good-quality photos that really show off your property.

Keep It Local

Many local newspapers will have a small real estate section, so take advantage of it. Local buyers should not be overlooked when it comes to an open house, especially for buyers looking to stay in the neighborhood but need a change of home/lifestyle.

Curb Appeal

On the day of your open house, make sure that your home looks inviting to encourage people looking around the neighborhood to come and take a look inside. Use flowering plants in the front garden or place balloons in your front yard. During the summer, setting up a barbecue in your front yard can be a great way to entice visitors.

Get Your Paperwork Ready for Title Insurance in Plainview

Historical issues with the title to your home can turn off potential buyers, so before your viewers start making offers, it is important to have all relevant paperwork ready to go. Speak with Countywide Title at (806) 293-8363 and ask about how a title search can uncover any potential concerns and address them in advance.


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