Curb Appeal Tips to Help Sell Your Home This Spring

Selling your home during spring is a great choice, but you still have to impress potential buyers in order to make the best sale. To get buyers hooked on your home, make the best first impression by stepping up your curb appeal. Use these tips if you're not sure where to start.

Add Some Color

Give your home's exterior a new look with little work by repainting your front door. Instead of investing in a whole new front door, a new coat of paint in a fun color can give your home a facelift on a budget. Along with a new front door color, add some plants around the entryway to make your home look more welcoming. Other small details to consider include a festive wreath for your front door and a welcoming doormat.

Get Your Home Clean

Although upgrades and a new coat of paint can really spruce up your home, cleaning your home's exterior can also have a serious impact on its overall look. Start by washing off your home's siding and repair any issues you find along the way. Next up, grab a power washer and wash off the walkways and the driveway outside your home. Finish off by washing your home's windows from the inside and the outside so that they sparkle in the spring sunshine.

Focus on Upgrades

For some finishing touches, focus on upgrading parts of your exterior that may look outdated. For example, your front door may look great with a new coat of paint, but its hardware can still make it look a bit dated. Upgrading the hardware can make it look like new while costing you very little. Lighting fixtures and your mailbox are other things to consider updating for a more modern look.

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