How to Make Your Home More Welcoming With Plants

Staging a home usually requires furniture and other staple pieces of a home, but what you may not think to include in your home staging are plants. These are a great way to make a home more appealing and welcoming. Learn more below.

Complete a Room That Looks Incomplete

When you finish staging a room, you'll feel it's complete and looks like a room that's lived in. However, there are times when a room feels like it's missing something. If you're tempted to add furniture, first try placing a plant in the area that looks bare or odd. Oftentimes, this can resolve the issue without cramming too much furniture into the room and making it look cluttered.

Add Color to the Home

In other cases, a room may be complete but will look boring or uninspired. An easy way to resolve this is by adding color and life to it with the help of plants or flowers. Even fresh cut flowers in a vase can give the room a new life, making it more appealing and welcoming.

Make Outdoor Spaces More Inviting

Finally, if you're trying to find a way to stage a space like a balcony or a deck, you may be struggling to find the right accents. Outdoor furniture is a must, but don't forget to add some plants to make it look more inviting. Potted plants, herbs, and even succulents can all achieve the look you're after.

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