Pay Attention to These Things During an Open House

Before heading to another open house and walking around aimlessly, know what to look out for in the home. To help you get a better feel for the home, check out these tips to make your next open house a success.

Look out for Mold

Mold is never a good sign because it can point to larger issues. As you tour a home during an open house, don't be shy about looking for mold where it's most common: the bathroom and the basement. While in the bathroom, pull back the shower curtain and check around the bath tub for signs of mold. In the basement, check the walls for condensation that can mean high levels of humidity, which can lead to mold. If these signs are present, you may have a mold issue to worry about.

Test the Windows

The windows are easy to forget about because they aren't often seen as something important. However, the windows can tell you a lot about a home. Don't be afraid to open and close the windows to test if they work properly. If you notice the windows get stuck or the window frames are crooked, this can actually point to foundation issues. If the caulk around the windows is old or if there are holes around the windows, this can lead to heating and cooling issues since air is allowed to escape and enter. Don't forget that malfunctioning windows will have to be replaced, which can actually be quite pricey.

Get to Know the Neighborhood

Finally, don't forget to take a look around the neighborhood. Many people forget that when they buy a home they're also buying the neighborhood, so it's worth taking note of certain things. Make a mental note of how noisy the neighborhood is, how clean the neighbors yards are, and even how much privacy you get in the backyard.

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