First Steps When Buying Your First Home

If you’re giving thought to starting the home buying process but aren’t quite sure where you should start - you’ve arrived at the right place. Along with providing professional title insurance in Plainview, Countywide Title also has a list of great tips to get you started on the road to home ownership. ;

  • Get pre-approved

    This tip can not be stressed enough. If you are planning at all to look at properties, speak with a mortgage lender prior to get an understanding of not only what you can afford, but where you can afford.
  • What do you want?

    Sit down with all members of your family or those buying the property, and make a thorough list of everything that you each want ;in your next home. Remember that whilst being realistic, it’s important that everybody list anything they can think of that might improve the home, its value, or their enjoyment of it.
  • What do you need?

    Now for the boring list. Make your own list with your own categories or items and really shape how you future home needs to look at its most basic.
  • How much will the basics cost?

    Your needs list is what you will use to start looking for your home. Once you find potential properties, print out a picture and write on the back all of the wants that it covers. Once you have a collection you will be able to gauge what type of property you can realistically afford that covers all of your needs and most of your wants.

Title Insurance in Plainview

These tips are a great way to get you ;started on the path to looking for and selecting your own home. Once you have chosen a property, take the time to inspect its infrastructure and its ownership. Speak with a title search professional here at Countywide Title on (806) 293-8363 ; about the security that title insurance in Plainview can provide.


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